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Jonas Himmelstrand & Tamara Himmelstrand
offers a three day course:

Training skills for professionals

pedagogexternbildTraining skills for professionals – presentation and interaction

This highly appreciated three day course is targeted to managers, educators, professionals and others who want to learn to inspire a group and become more authentic in their expression.

The maximum number of participants is eight and every participant gets individual coaching. Since 1990 hundreds of participants have learnt how to effectively pass on their knowledge and their message to a group through this course.

The course works equally well with beginners who want to learn the basics, as for the more experienced who want inspiration to renew themselves. Every participant has, through the structure of the course, the possibility to learn at their own speed based on their own strengths.

What makes this course unique is: The safe and positive atmosphere; The time space and the individual coaching to every participant; The quality of a course which has been refined over 20 years.

Contents of the course:

Basic outline of the course:

We receive a maximum of eight participants to be able to be generous with time to coach and to practise. We use video feedback and every participant gets a dvd with their own presentations as part of the documentation. The course is fun and people do become better trainers.

Presenting the trainers:

Jonas is a well-known educator and mentor in Sweden who has been in the business since 1981. He also offers in-house training's both in Sweden and internationally. He has written several books and also publishes the highly appreciated newsletter Strategies to Learn & Grow. Jonas studied chemistry at the university but soon found he was more interested in chemistry between people than chemistry between molecules. Read more about Strategies at www.stratletter.com.

Tamara is a musician and violin teacher and has taught music and classical violin since 1983. She is Swiss and has trained at the Conservatoire in Lausanne. She has also studied acting at The Actors Institute in Paris. After having worked hard to try an adapt herself to the classical music training tradition, she created her own fun, imaginative and intuitive music pedagogy. Tamara also writes in Strategies.

This is what our participants have said:

"Excellent format - inspiring and sensitive trainers. They really took care of us. Everything was positive in every way – as I see it, one of the best courses I have ever taken part in."

"Here I got to learn one of the most important ingredients in being a manager, the art of presenting a message so that it is received in the right way."

"A course I would recommend to others. Great pedagogy, stimulating exercises and a positive format which strengthens the self-esteem of the participants."

You are welcome to arrange this exciting three course in Swedish or English in your country!


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