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A training about team spirit, collaboration and results…

Building a Great Team

– also in times of change

This training aims at supporting any team in getting from vision to realised goal. The prerequisite is that everyone in the team truly wants the team to succeed. This training can be tailored to any kind of team or group working together on a regular basis.

Today's economy provides an excellent opportunity for teams to grow in terms of inner collaboration. Teams need to be more effective producing a better quality of products and services using less resources. This equation only works out for a team which truly works together towards a shared goal utilising every one's individual resources. Similarity in values and diversity in talent is crucial.

Contents of the training:

The actual content can be tailored to meet the needs and challenges of any specific team.

The training has a high level of activity driven by the motivation and current challenges of the team. The content will be directly related to the actual working situation of the team. The participants will talk, create and discuss together in various constellations.

A typical training will last 1–2 days, plus one or more follow-up days. The team leader can benefit from some mentoring sessions in connection with this workshop as the team leader will be the co-ordinator of the action plan which the workshop will produce.

Please take contact with us for further information.

Jonas Himmelstrand