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Strategies to Learn & Grow
The highly appreciated newsletter published by Jonas Himmelstrand.

The Happy Company
Our division focusing on children, family and individual personal growth.

Here are links to colleagues with home pages in English whom we know personally and can recommend wholeheartedly:

John Steinberg
American writer and consultant, resident in Sweden since 1971. Specialist in education and school development.

The Strengths Academy
Home page of Mike Pegg, top management mentor and author. Based in Britain. Has a generous home page with ideas on building on strengths.

Source Process and Breathwork
Binnie A. Dansby is an international authority on personal growth through breath and understanding birth. Based in Britain

Karl-Erik Edris
Swedish political scientist, management consultant and writer. Has written a few of the most exciting books on management and personal growth.

Talent Network
Katie Ledger, communications coach, and David Pilbeam, coach and facilitator, provide excellent services based in Britain.

Gordon Neufeld
Clinical psychologist and best-selling author. International authority on children's development and attachment psychology. Based in Canada.

Rosy Aronson
Spiritual counsellor, creativity coach and consultant for the unconventional. Wonderful person and excellent coach. Based in California.