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A course for you who need to transfer your knowledge to others…

Successful coaching – transfer your knowledge

– how to get others to know what you know

This training is aimed for everyone who needs to coach others within their own area of competence. The training gives practical tools and space to practise which also suits real beginners.

Not least in the technical areas there is a great need to transfer knowledge from the more experienced to the less experienced. This can be a key factor to success in a knowledge company, to engineers, technicians and scientists but also to managers, educators and administrators.

What makes this training unique is: The safe and positive atmosphere; The time space and the individual coaching to every participant.

Contents of the training:

This training can be 1–3 days long depending on group size and training goals. Participants will be given time to practise in one-to-one coaching situations. The training is fun and those who participate will become better coaches.

Please take contact with us for further information.

Jonas Himmelstrand