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About Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor

Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor is based on the small business Jonas Himmelstrand Konsult which was founded in 1981 when Jonas Himmelstrand opened his consultant business. In 1989 Jonas and Tamara Himmelstrand together founded The Happy Company which for a number of years was the platform for our common consultant and training work, including Tamara's music teaching. Since 1992 Jonas has been active publishing the newsletter Strategies. In 2003 Jonas became the editor-in-chief of Strategies.

Today all business is handled by one limited/corporate company, Himmelstrand Mentor AB, which includes the four divisions:

Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor offers mentoring, training programmes and lectures mainly aimed at business life with the areas of leadership, pedagogy and personal growth. www.jhmentor.com

Strategies to Learn & Grow, the newsletter published 22 times per year, every other Monday, and covering leadership, pedagogy and personal growth. www.stratletter.com

The Happy Company has today found its true purpose focusing on family, children and personal growth for individuals. Offers lectures, written materials and with time probably also training programmes. www.thehappycompany.eu

Tamara's Music School offers Tamara's music training programmes.

Himmelstrand Mentor AB
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SE-114 79 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8-20 01 14.
E-mail: info@jhmentor.com