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Welcome to Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor

jonasbildI am Jonas Himmelstrand and I work as an educator, mentor and writer running my own business based in Sweden since 1981.

During the last 25 years I have given training programmes for large enterprises as well as small companies in the Nordic countries, Britain and Mexico. My speciality is process oriented workshops for teams, Building a Super Team, and the workshop Training Skills for Professionals where many hundreds of professional participants have learnt to become more effective trainers and presenters with the aid of video feedback and individual mentoring.

I have also made myself known as a positive and inspiring lecturer on a variety of subjects in the area of leadership, team work, pedagogy and personal and professional development. Recently I have expanded to also talk about personal growth and social development.

I have written and co-written six books and booklets in Swedish. Since 1992 I have been one of the contributors to the newsletter Strategies to Learn & Grow of which I am today the editor. Strategies is published in both Swedish and English. My most recent Swedish book would have the English title: Following your heart– in the social utopia of Sweden.

The Mireja Institute – presenting a critique of Swedish family policies
My dominating activity during the spring of 2011 has been presentations on Swedish family policies in seven cities in six countries in four months. More information can found at www.mireja.org.


The most time effective way to learn and grow is through mentoring. Mentoring is personal. You choose your mentor. Read about my approach to mentoring here.

Training programmes

Building a Great Team
A process oriented programme of 1-2 days with possible follow-ups. Offers the team the possibility to truly "own" their purpose and goal.

Training Skills for Professionals
This is a 2-3 day course for a small group of 6-10 participants focusing on improving their training skills with video feedback and individual mentoring.

Successful coaching
This training offers the know-how on how to transfer your knowledge on a one-to-one basis to other people in your organisation or network.

Please contact us for a custom designed programme for your organisation.


Through the years I have given lectures to a wide variety of groups: Economists, policemen, top managers, technicians, politicians, middle managers, administrators, firemen, members of Parliament, physicians, teachers, prison wardens, school leaders, pre-school teachers, customer service personnel and many others.

You will find a list of current lecture topics here.

Knowledge in written form

Strategies to Learn & Grow
Our one page biweekly newsletter – two articles and one review – published in English, is a great way to keep your staff inspired to learn & grow. Read more at www.stratletter.com. Read a selection of articles here.

I have written several books in Swedish which are presented in Swedish on my Swedish home page here. On my latest book there is some information in English available here.